12 DIY Vertical Garden Projects for Spring

12 DIY Vertical Garden Projects for Spring

Refresh your home and garden this spring with our guide, ’12 Vertical Gardens To DIY This Spring’. These innovative projects are perfect for maximizing your space while adding a lush, green touch to any environment. Whether you’re working with a small balcony, a spacious backyard, or an indoor wall, these vertical garden ideas offer versatile solutions to suit any space. Each project includes step-by-step instructions and creative tips to ensure a successful and enjoyable gardening experience. From simple hanging planters to intricate wall-mounted systems, you’ll find a variety of designs to fit your style and gardening needs. Embrace the beauty and functionality of vertical gardens this spring and create stunning green displays that enhance your living space.

1. Small Herbs

Brit + Co,

2. Landscape Fabric

A Beautiful Mess

3. Succulent Fixture

Jen Woodhouse

4. Ammunition Cans

The Horticult

5. Vintage Dresser


6. Constrained Pallet

Apartment Therapy

7. Farmhouse Style

Twelve on Main

8. Wood Trellis

Vintage Revivals.

9. Stacked Crates

Little Green Dot

10. Mesh Wall

AKA Design.

11. Tin Cans

Ciera Design.

12. Hanging Planters

Paper + Stitch

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