15 Budget-Friendly DIY Compost Bin Projects

15 Budget-Friendly DIY Compost Bin Projects

Embrace sustainability in your backyard with our guide, ’15 Cheap And Easy DIY Compost Bins’. This resource offers an array of compost bin designs that are not only cost-effective but also simple to build, providing you with an ideal solution for recycling kitchen and yard waste into rich soil.

Perfect for gardeners of all skill levels, these DIY projects can be assembled using materials you might already have at home, reducing costs and minimizing waste. Each plan includes detailed instructions and tips to ensure your composting efforts are successful and environmentally friendly.

Whether you’re an urban gardener or have sprawling outdoor space, these compost bins will help you contribute to a greener planet while enhancing your gardening endeavors.

1. Double sided wooden compost

DIY Network.

2. Free wooden composter plans with a hinged lid

Practically Functional,

3. Easy DIY compost bin from a trash can


4. Simple 2×4 compost bin

This Old House

5. High compost with a gate

DIY Network

6. Circular wire composters


7. Single and double lumber compost bins

Old World Garden Farms

8. Triple compost bin


9. Jumbo hinged compost row

The Washington Post

10. DIY compost bin from a larger classic trash can

A Healthy Life for Me

11. Super simple compost bin with top board

Home Depot‘s

12. Simple square bin from wire and scrap wood

Saws Hub

13. Triple open front shipping pallet compost

Joe Gardener TV.

14. Plastic rain barrel compost bin in a frame


15. $8 angled compost bin

Practical Sustainability

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