by Kelly Robinson March 30, 2017

GIVE noun

1. capacity to bend or alter in shape under pressure; elasticity.
"plastic pots that have enough give to accommodate the vigorous roots"
synonyms: elasticity, flexibilty, stretch, stretchiness

My husband and I are in the thick of, probably, the most difficult season we have ever experienced thus far in our lives and have been stretched seemingly beyond our capacity; we feel as if we are no longer elastic. Now, I am fully aware that it could be far worse (cancer, war, house burning down etc...) than what we are going through currently, I get that. I do. You know, we all have our own seasons that differ when we wonder how the heck can we keep going on like this?! Where we get to that place of saying that something's just got to give!  Something. Anything. Just one thing. And, for whatever reason the Lord has yet to provide any semblance of relief. All that to say, and above it all, the Lord has been beyond gracious to us during this most difficult season. He has provided for us abundantly! Above and beyond what we could imagine or deserve. We are beyond grateful for the Lord's provision. And, yet, we still feel as if we cannot continue one more day status quo. Hmmm…maybe He is conforming us to look more and more like Jesus Christ? (Romans 8:28-30)

GIVE verb

1. Freely transfer the possession of (something) to (someone); hand over to.
“they gave her water to drink.”
synonyms: present with, provide with, supply with, furnish with, let someone have

2. Cause or allow (someone or something) to have (something; especially something abstract); provide or supply with.
synonyms: allow, permit, grant, accord

And, when we think that there is no possible way to continue one more day/minute/hour, the Lord provides!!  He truly is the Giver of all good gifts (James 1:17).

He grants us rest, peace, energy, strength when we are weary (Is. 40:29), grace, mercy, and above all hope.  We still have hope. Thanks be to God.


Kelly Robinson
Kelly Robinson


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Choosing Obedience

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Would you agree that there are some things in life that we choose and some things we do not? Things we would never choose, for instance Covid or Cancer or any other seemingly awful disease or situation. However, the Lord in his omniscience sometimes chooses to allow these seasons in our lives, for His purposes, ultimately.

Every response from us, however, is a choice. We can choose to accept the situation or not. We can choose to fight back, or not. We can choose to praise Him above all, or not. We can choose to heed His promptings, or not.

If you think about it, everything from the moment our feet hit the floor each morning till our head hits the pillow each evening, everything we say, think, and do are choices. We can choose to love people each day, we can choose how we respond to others, and on it goes. Every minute of our lives involves a choice in how we respond.

All this to say, we can choose to be obedient to the Lord’s calling, prompting, and commandments, or not. There have been two specific times (many more actually) but for this blog I am choosing to focus on two specific instances the Lord has called me to thus far in my life.

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Birthday Bluebird
Birthday Bluebird

by Kelly Robinson October 11, 2021 4 Comments

Another trip around the sun. A friend gifted me custom pints of ice cream and one of the labels displayed this saying: “Another year sweeter” Super cute, however I don’t know about that. 😉 As I look forward to my birthday each year, this one is hitting me a bit differently than previous years.

As I gazed over at the side table in our kitchen that holds several b-day cards received this week, some touching, some funny, all of them thoughtful, and looked at the material gifts that I had received each day this week as the Lord so graciously ordained. My thoughts turned to my dad (and the fact that he is now gone from this earth as of Jan 6th this year) and the thought that the absolute best gift I could receive (from the Lord) was seeing a bluebird on my birthday. I wept at the thought. As, I have yet to see one since dad’s death.

As I woke up this morning (quite melancholy, knowing that this day will not be unlike most others unfortunately) after a restless night of sleep and continued my day as always, feeding the pups, reading devotionals and praying, making coffee, walking the pups etc.…It does hit me that even though my dad, Lou did not recall that Oct 7th was my b-day for many years preceding his death, which was super hurtful the first year that happened, it hit me that no one loves you quite like your parents. And, when they are gone, nothing will ever be quite the same. There is a deep void in our heart and soul that realizes, no one will love you in the same way your parents did. That is my experience now (in this moment) and I realize that will not be everyone’s experience. I was blessed to have parents that loved me despite my flaws, which were truly my biggest cheerleaders in this temporary life on earth. And, when they are both gone from this earth, it changes things, and that truly did not hit me until this week leading up to my b-day.

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by Kelly Robinson June 23, 2021 6 Comments

We entered 2021 excited for what was to come. Things were looking up! We had a goal, a vision, and a purpose that gave us great joy. We had it all planned out. Our amazing graphic designer, Preston, had created the artwork. I had sourced just the right garments. Our trusty local printer printed onto the amazing garments. We had created giftable items for folks who might be looking for something more than apparel. We spent several months curating, sourcing, and working towards our goal of launching THE most amazing thing ever. We had a plan; (we have learned over 5 years to plan far ahead of the seasons.) We even had a pop-up planned at a trendy store. We were super excited to launch this powerful, hopefully life-giving movement. Everything was on target.

Then…during a benign Monday night in early January, we got a phone call. For anyone who has ever been a caregiver, you know that when you see the facility name and number pop up on your screen, your heart drops a little bit. 

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