Custom Laser Engraved and Cut Projects Using Falcon2 Pro

Custom Laser Engraved and Cut Projects Using Falcon2 Pro

Five years ago I discovered the the laser engraving and cutting machine and came to the point that I wanted to buy one. But the price is insane. So I ditched that idea and forgot about it.

Recently, I had the opportunity to review the Falcon2 Pro engraving and cutting machine, bringing back nostalgic memories of my past desire to own such a device. It felt like the universe was aligning to fulfill my earlier aspiration, proving that sometimes, what is meant for you finds its way to you.

During weekends, I’ve been immersed in crafting projects using the Falcon2 Pro, utilizing LightBurn software. While initially challenging, mastering the software has made each project progressively easier.

Here are some of the DIY projects I’ve created using the Falcon2 Pro laser engraver and cutting machine:

Coaster with Engraved Oilers Logo

In support of the Oilers during the Stanley Cup playoffs, I crafted a coaster featuring their logo. Here’s how I did it:

  1. Downloaded the logo online and removed the white background using Canva.
  2. Uploaded the image to LightBurn, and set the parameters for engraving and cutting on the 3mm basswood.
  3. Added the word “BELIEVE,” a rallying cry for Oilers fans during playoffs, engraved onto a 2mm corkboard sheet.
  4. Assembled the coaster by gluing the corkboard stopper onto the basswood.

Engraved Wedding Keepsake Box

Though I couldn’t DIY wedding details back in the Philippines, I recently personalized a wedding keepsake box using our monogram that I designed.

I just uploaded our monogram to LightBurn software and added the text with the fonts installed in the software.

Engraved Christmas Ornaments

What I love about the Falcon2 Pro is the built-in camera and it’s capability of batch production. I did run two slices of wood and engraved Christmas designs on them.

Customized Teacher Appreciation Gift

For my niece’s teachers, I personalized a plant-themed gift:

  1. Looked for a plant on pot graphics in Canva, and downloaded it as PNG file.
  2. Uploaded the file in LightBurn. Since the file is automatically set as an image it means it is set as fill or engrave. To enable the cut option for an option you need to convert it by simply right-clicking on the image, clicking “trace”, and pressing OK.
  3. Added text on the pot as fill.
  4. Added a “Thank you” message and heart design, converting them into cut files.
  5. Designed a base with a slit for the pot using 5mm basswood, adjusting the base’s dimensions to fit perfectly.
  6. Painted the plant green and the “Thank you” phrase before assembling the gift.

Now that I’ve explored the capabilities of the Falcon2 Pro, I’m eager to continue creating DIY projects for both personal enjoyment and potentially for my future business endeavors. Whether crafting heartfelt gifts or adding personalized touches to special occasions, this machine has unlocked a world of creativity and possibilities.

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