Easy Sewing Patterns for Beginners

Easy Sewing Patterns for Beginners

These easy sewing patterns are not just for beginners, but anyone looking for quick projects to make for themselves, as gifts or charity projects.

If You’re a Total Beginner

Want to test your sewing skills before you start a sewing project? Printable sewing practice worksheets are a great place to start.

I love these from Hello Sewing because they allow you to practice straight lines as well as curves, zigzags and other shapes.

These are good to use if you’re a beginner, if you’re trying curves for the first time or you just need a refresher on sewing straight lines.

Just use a needle with no thread when you sew on these, and if you have a needle that’s already dull that’s ideal because this will dull your needle fast!

Another fun thing to do sewing on paper is to make a DIY journal.

Your First Sewing Projects

There are so many easy sewing patterns for beginners out there but if you’re truly a beginner it can be difficult to evaluate what patterns are the best for you.

Generally I would say the easiest patterns use only straight lines and are small projects you can complete in one sitting so you don’t get frustrated. Things that don’t have to be a perfect size are a great place to start, too.

A few ideas:

  • Microwavable handwarmers or a rice heating pad (try this pattern from Sweet Frugal Life)
  • Cloth napkins (though all the ironing can be a little tedious, the sewing is easy)
  • Mug rug or coasters (I don’t have a pattern of my own for coasters, but this one from Karma & Kismet Designs shown above is great for beginners because they use solid pieces of fabric for each side — there’s even a video tutorial!)
  • Snack bags: I made a bunch of these little foldover top snack bags like this one from The DIY Mommy when my kiddo was little and we definitely need more for summer snacking!
  • Pillows: this little nap pillow tutorial can be used to make a pillow of any size, or check out this tutorial from Beginner Sewing Projects for a larger version
  • Easy infinity scarf
Sew an infinity scarf for yourself, your friends, your kids and #givewarmth.

Easy Sewing Patterns to Add Skills

Once you’ve sewn one or several of the easy sewing patterns for beginners above, you can add in some more skills or larger projects to help boost your confidence.

As a first garment, a boxy cardigan or robe is a good place to start because it’s made with rectangles and meant to be roomy so your measuring/cutting/sewing don’t have to be perfect. I’ve made one from Brett Bara’s book Sewing in a Straight Line a couple of times, but if you want a pattern you don’t have to buy a book for, check out the Easy Jacket from Aura Patterns or the Summer Robe from Indie Pattern (shown here).

A longer version is this one from KENZPATRON, which could be used as a robe or just a duster length jacket.

Another project that I would say is great as maybe a second sewing project is a scrunchie. The only thing that keeps this from being a first-timer project is that turning the fabric right-side out can be a little fiddly; otherwise it’s a great easy sewing project for a new stitcher. I shared this pattern from Apple Green Cottage in my roundup of gift ideas to sew and I share it again because it’s detailed and comes in lots of sizes for different amounts of hair.

Tote bags can be for all skill levels, but I list it in sort of level two of easy sewing projects because of the potential of having lots of pieces if there are pockets, straps and the body of the bag itself. Some bags are also made with heavier fabrics that might not be as easy to work with for new stitchers, and they often use interfacing to make the sides sturdier.

None of this makes them much harder to sew, it’s just more steps means more time and more potential for new crafters to get frustrated. Try this super simple tote bag made with two half-yard pieces of fabric and no interfacing, or this one-yard messenger bag. Both patterns are from Sew Can She.

When you’re ready to try heavier fabric, check out this tote bag with an exterior pocket from Sew Stitchery Shop, which works with heavier fabrics like corduroy or denim.

And when you want a bit more of a challenge, there’s the chubby tote bag from Sotak Handmade Shop, which uses heavier fabrics and interfacing. It’s an adorable project that comes in four sizes and includes a video tutorial.

Easy Sewing Patterns to Boost Your Skills

Once you’ve worked a few of these types of easy sewing patterns for beginners, you might be looking for some ways to boost your skills even more.

Some good things to look for in advanced beginner patterns include:

  • more pieces
  • projects that aren’t all straight lines
  • projects calling for heavier or lighter weight fabrics
  • projects using knit fabric
  • special techniques like adding buttonholes or zippers

A couple of examples are a simple bag with a zippered top, or a Japanese-style knot bag (try this one from Happiest Camper).

You can also try your hand at more garments, like skirts, simple dresses and shorts (here are patterns for women and shorts sewing patterns for the whole family).

If you’re a sewist with some experience, what was your first sewing project, or what easy sewing patterns do you recommend to beginners?

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