Do you have an Awards Program?

YES! BRING ON THE SWAG! Earn Swag points just for signing up up for our rewards program and then earn more swag by referring friends, following us on social media, purchases and more. Turn your Swag into big discounts on your next purchase!

If I sign up for your email, will my inbox be flooded every day from Grace Thru Faith?

No, we will only send out emails regarding your purchases and a monthly email that will share our latest news and promotions!  Want to stay in touch more?  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Do you have sizing charts?

Yes, we do! When you are perusing our catalog you will find a size guide  on the product pages.

How much is shipping?

We offer FREE shipping for all USA orders - no matter the size!

Did you know your purchase counts?

When you purchase a Be Royal or JC Heart t-shirt, Grace Thru Faith will donate 10% of its net profits to a charity. Read our blog post Your Purchase Counts to learn how, together, we can make a difference!

What's your privacy policy?

We will never share your information with any third party.  Who is a third party?  Well the first party is us, and the second party is you.  So a third party is anyone other than us and you!

I have a question about my order.

Send us an email at info@gracethrufaithgoods.com and we'll get right back to you!