Get rewarded with Grace Thru Faith!  It's Easy! Just go to the Rewards Program red button in the lower right-hand corner on any of our website pages. Press the button and begin by signing up! Here are the many ways you can earn Swag by completing these actions below.

Welcome Swag. Earn 200 points by just creating an account which also signs you up for our rewards program!  Also be the first to learn about new products, promotions through our monthly email. 

Spend and Earn Swag! Earn 2 Swag Points for every $1 spent when you place an order with Grace Thru Faith. 

Refer a Friend!  We will give you 100 Swag Points to you as a big thank you and also give a 10% coupon to the friend you referred.  When your friend makes their first purchase, you will receive your Swag.

Happy Birthday! Earn 50 Swag Points for sharing your birthday with us!  We love celebrating birthdays and YOUR day is important to us!  Note: Be sure to enter your date of birth at least one month before to earn your Swag.

Earn Swag thru Social Media

Like our Facebook Page and earn 50 Swag Points; share about your experience with Grace Thru Faith Goods on Facebook and earn another 50 Swag Points! 

Follow us on Instagram and receive 50 Swag Points!

Spending Your Swag

Our Reward Program keeps track of your Swag Points.  When you have reached a reward level, we will send out a coupon code for you to use towards your next purchase!

  • Earn 500 Swag Points and receive a $5.00 discount
  • Earn 1,000 Swag Points and receive $10.00 discount
  • Earn 2,000 Swag Points and receive $15.00 discount

 Enjoy Your Swag!!


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