Bracelets (Made in Hope)

Grace Thru Faith

MADE IN HOPE empowers women and children who have been rescued from the global sex trade (sex trafficking) to break the cycle of exploitation and secure their freedom by providing education, sustainable livelihood opportunities, and care in the healing process. We also advocate for the still enslaved, increasing global awareness and mobilizing support. Our mission is founded in the love of Jesus, who has a plan for each of us, giving us all a future MADE IN HOPE.

She W.O.R.K.S. is a non-formal training program for women survivors of sex trafficking and prostitution, who exhibit leadership potential and have a burden to reach out to and serve communities

​Purchasing jewelry financially supports our survivors and it gives you the opportunity to advocate for them and the still enslaved.  Purchase a piece of unique jewelry and wear it when you're out and about or out on the town. When your co-worker, dentist, or gym partner notices the swag, tell her about the woman who made it and how you helped to secure her future.

GTF is honored to partner with Made in Hope/She W.O.R.K.S to purchase handmade jewelry from them to help the worthy cause. We carry three of their handmade beaded bracelets: 1. Black beaded human trafficking awareness bracelets. 2. Black beaded "FAITH" bracelet and 3. Black beaded "JOY" bracelet, made exclusively for our #joymovementkc launch!


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