Sentro Knit Scrubby Pattern

Sentro Knit Scrubby Pattern

This Sentro knit scrubby pattern makes the perfect little circular washcloths or scrubbies with your 22-pin circular knitting machine. They literally take just a few minutes to make and are great to use on yourself or your dishes, and make great gifts, too!

How to Make a Knit Scrubby on a Circular Knitting Machine

These knit scrubbies are just a little tube of knitting cinched together at both ends and secured at the middle. They’re a great first project to make with a Sentro 22 pin machine or an Addi Express small model (I just happen to have a Sentro in that size).

You can use any light or worsted (3 or 4 weight) cotton yarn for this project, including the Red Heart Scrubby Yarn. I will note that I tried to make a Sentro knit scrubby with the scrubby yarn held together with a smooth cotton and almost broke my machine. I have heard people say they were able to do it but that was not my experience.

These scrubbies can be worked with a range of rounds. I made mine between 10 and 20 rounds (we’ll break it down below) and most of them were actually made with the leftover bits of yarn from other projects so you can just go until you’re about to run out of yarn if you’re using scraps.

Sentro Knit Scrubby Pattern

For the purposes of demonstration I’m using Lily Sugar’n Cream yarn left over from my waffle stitch washcloth.

One of the great things about this pattern is that you don’t need waste yarn, just cast on a normal (over every other pin and behind the others) with the yarn you want to make your scrubby with.

Crank out as many rounds as you like. This one is 20.

When you want to finish off your project, cut the yarn, leaving a long tail. Thread the yarn onto a yarn needle and crank around one more time, picking up the stitches as you go.

Once the scrubby is free from the machine, pull tight on the yarn to close up the scrubby at the center. I like to take the needle back through all the stitches one more time and pull tight again to make the hole in the center as small as possible.

Grab the yarn end from the cast on edge and pull tight to cinch that side closed, too.

Take the needle with the yarn from the other side on it through the center of the scrubby.

Take the needle through the washcloth somewhere and trim the remaining yarn.

Thread the other yarn end on a needle and repeat going through the stitches, pulling tight, taking the needle to the other side and finishing off the yarn.

See, I told you this Sentro knit scrubby pattern was easy!

Scrubby Variations

As I mentioned, I started making these as a way to use up some leftover small balls of cotton yarn from some recent projects, so they all came out somewhat different in size. Your sizing may vary depending on the kind of yarn you’re using, what tension you use on your machine (I didn’t use the machine tensioner at all on these) and how tight you pull to close the center.

But here are the details on the ones I made so you can get an idea of what different row counts look like when planning your own projects.

This one uses purple scrubby yarn for 12 rounds and is 2.5 inches/6.3 cm across. It’s a little small for scrubbing your dishes but would be great for exfoliating your body.

For this one I used 13 rounds and it measures 3.5 inches or 8.9 cm across. It’s interesting to see that using a different yarn and basically the same number of rounds still makes a scrubby that’s a lot bigger.

This one is 19 rounds and came out to about 4 inches/ 10 centimeters.

And as mentioned above, this one is 20 rounds. It measures 3.5 inches or 8.9 centimeters again. I think this has to do with the texture of the yarn, that the green one above is a mercerized cotton and the stitches stayed looser than the regular “kitchen” cotton of this one.

This Sentro knit scrubby pattern is endlessly variable as you can see, and I think I’m going to keep making them with all my little leftover bits of cotton yarn. They’ll be a great addition to a gift of homemade soap and a candle or another little crafty something!

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