Vintage Stars Sew Along Borders

Vintage Stars Sew Along Borders

It is the last week in our fun sew along! This is the Vintage Stars Sew Along Borders week and we’ll be finishing up our cute Vintage Stars quilts this week. Yay!

We have been sewing up my Vintage Stars quilt pattern for the last few weeks and it’s been so fun! This pattern is such a sweet take on a vintage quilt design – but so much easier to sew.

Here are the weeks so far in the sew-along:

  • Vintage Stars Kickoff
  • Vintage Stars Cutting
  • Vintage Stars Sewing Rows
  • Vintage Stars Quilt Top Assembly

We’re sewing along with my Sweet Freedom fabrics – they are perfect for a patriotic version of the quilt. You can join in with any fabrics you’d like though! And the videos will stay available for you to access any time you need them.

The Vintage Stars pattern comes with paper templates so you can use those to cut out the pieces. To make cutting the pieces out even easier, I have acrylic templates in my shop that are designed to work with this quilt. You can find kits in Sweet Freedom fabrics at Happy Little Stitch Shop!


In the video this week I’ll be showing how to trim the quilt top and add your borders. You can join me Live at 2 pm CT on YouTube, or check out the video here right after.