Sentro Knit Shrug – How to Knit a Shrug on a Circular Knitting Machine

Sentro Knit Shrug – How to Knit a Shrug on a Circular Knitting Machine

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This Sentro knit shrug is super straightforward to make, and you can knit the back again lengthier to flip it into a sweater scarf if you have plenty of yarn.

I was crafting a publish not too long ago about knit sweater scarves, and it acquired me pondering about how to knit a sweater scarf on the circular knitting equipment. I experienced this yarn I really needed to use for it and ended up not owning adequate to make a huge wrap, but it is however a adorable shrug you can make on an Addi or a Sentro knitting machine.

What is a Knit Shrug?

A shrug is in essence just a scarf with sleeves, or a cardigan with no entrance. When building just one on a knitting machine, you use tubes for the sleeves and a flat panel for the again.

To make a shrug, the again element must evaluate about the very same as your real back measurement concerning the shoulders.

If you’re wanting to make a sweater scarf, which is the identical thing just with a for a longer period “back” aspect that can be wrapped and looped all over the physique, you can make that panel as long as you want.

Of class you can crochet a shrug, far too, but building a Sentro knit shrug is much more like hand knitting a shrug.


The sleeves are the very same size even by way of they never pretty appear it in this a single. It was chilly and I was shooting speedy!

For my Sentro knit shrug I made use of 404 yards of Lion Brand Ferris Wheel yarn in coloration Evergreen. This yarn is so pretty and it’s a fantastic yarn to use in the Sentro since even while it’s a minor fuzzy, it runs definitely sleek and didn’t lead to me any difficulties. I had just one whole skein furthermore the leftovers from my mosaic cowl with two total skeins you could make yours lengthier.

You’ll also need to have a knitting device. I have a Sentro 40 pin, but a 48 or an Addi King would also do the job for this project, the sleeves will just be even bigger.

Since I’m a knitter I finished these parts with knitting approaches, so I also made use of 3 round knitting needles (regardless of what dimension you have is fantastic as extensive as 1 is in the US 6-8/4-5mm variety for binding off stitches).

You are going to also will need a fantastic yarn needle and a pair of scissors.


Your gauge could fluctuate, and mainly because this is a garment its truly worth having the time to spin a small sample, acquire it off the equipment, permit it chill out and evaluate it to aid you decide how quite a few rounds you have to have to crank.

I used medium tension and bought 19 rounds for each 4 inches/10 cm, or 4.75 rounds per inch/2.5 cm.


The measurement is wholly custom. The sleeves will be as big all over as your machine would make them, but you can change the duration as you like.

My Sentro knit shrug has sleeves that are 24 inches/60.9 cm extended, and the back is about 18 inches/45.7 cm wide.

Building a Sentro Knit Shrug

I began by cranking out the sleeves. Begin with waste yarn and crank a few or four rounds, then sign up for in your working yarn and crank 114 rounds, or nonetheless quite a few rounds you will need to make the sleeve size you want.

Slide all of the live stitches onto a circular knitting needle and slice the yarn.

Make a different sleeve the similar way.

For the back again, make a panel that is as several stitches as you want (the far more stitches the deeper the panel will be on your body). I used 36 pegs for mine. You can start out with squander yarn if you want. I didn’t but I finished up ripping out the solid on edge since it is form of messy.

The panel ends up staying sideways throughout your again, which means the solid on edge is a person side that connects to a sleeve and the duration of the panel must be about the similar as the width of your back. Mine is 16 inches/40.6 cm. (I truly knit mine extended simply because I hoped I experienced sufficient yarn for a sweater scarf, which I did not. I finished up ripping out a couple of inches later.)

When the piece is the sizing you want, spot stitches onto a round knitting needle. Leave a long tail of yarn hooked up.

Finishing the Shrug

Use the tail conclusion from the shrug piece to sew the sleeve to the back again piece. I used grafting, which is really easy even if you really do not knit. I sewed half of the sleeve to the back again, leaving the other 20 stitches to make the opening for the arm to go through.

If you have yarn remaining after the grafting, use it to bind off the remaining stitches at the base of this side of the back piece. Here’s exactly where it matters what sizing knitting needle you are working with make certain it is a US 6-8/4-5mm so the bound off edge won’t be also restricted or far too unfastened.

Sign up for yarn to the sleeve and bind off the remaining stitches. Put stitches from the other close of the sleeve (the a single with the squander yarn) onto your needle, take out the squander yarn and bind off these stitches.

Repeat on the other sleeve, creating guaranteed you are grafting the stitches to what will be the leading of the shrug when you wear it, so the extra duration on the back ends up underneath the sleeve (this is tough to describe but I sewed my 2nd sleeve to what would be the base of the shrug, so really don’t do that is what I’m seeking to say).

Test on your shrug and make absolutely sure the again is the width you want. If required you can eliminate one sleeve and rip out a few rows if it requires to be lesser. (You could stitch one more panel and sew it to the 1st a single if it demands to be broader.)

I also sewed a pair a lot more stitches of the sleeve and the back again panel alongside one another following I tried out it on since I felt like that fit my shoulders a minimal far better, but you may possibly not have to have to do this.

When you’re happy with the match, weave in any remaining yarn finishes.

Generating a Custom Sentro Knit Shrug

I assume I described really properly as a result of the pattern how you can personalize the fit, but just to critique:

Make a sample piece of knitting making use of your wished-for yarn to identify the selection of rounds for every inch/cm at the tension you system to use. Alternatively you can measure as you go, like I did with my Sentro headband, but it’s not rather as exact.

Evaluate the size of yarn arm from the leading of the shoulder to wherever you would like the sleeve to end and determine how numerous rounds you have to have (size periods rounds per inch/cm). Make two sleeves the similar duration.

For the back again, make a flat panel as vast as you like (width is the duration down you again when finished) and as long as your again measurement shoulder to shoulder, or lengthier if you want to make a wrap.

Graft or normally sign up for the sleeves to the best of the again panel. Bind off remaining stitches and weave in finishes.

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