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Puppy Love
Puppy Love

by Kelly Robinson November 08, 2018

I can vividly remember (often) pleading with my mom to get a puppy. That was all I truly wanted from toddlerhood and beyond.  Just a puppy. Why was that such a difficult ask?  Well, my mother explained time and time again that she was allergic to pet dander and that she would suffer with a dog around.  Now, she had a beloved pup when I was an infant. A toy-poodle named “Tiger.” And, as I was learning to crawl, one day I ate out of the Tiger’s food bowl and he nipped me. So, say goodbye to Tiger.  Now that I am reminiscing about this, I am thinking to myself, “Hmm, she was able to have a hypo-allergenic pup at one point, yet she remained steadfast in her decision to not allow me to have a dog?”  I was able to have a rabbit outside and a fish, however, they were clearly not dogs and did not fill the gaping hole in my heart for a puppy. I am guessing that because she was sickly and having a difficult time as it were, she perhaps felt as if she would not be able to care for a dog as well as an active child. Given all that, she gifted me at some point with a white fluffy stuffed animal. A puppy, of course. I cherished this stuffed animal to the point that it disintegrated in a shoe box in its later years. The only proof is in the lovely large framed photo that you see me holding above.

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