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Only Love.
Only Love.

by Kelly Robinson August 07, 2018 1 Comment

Ten years ago, today on 8/8/08, I became Mrs. Robinson. Yes, cue the quips from the movie and you can thank me later for planting the song seed in your noggin just now. This is significant to my husband and I, this 10-year mark, because it has not been a bed of roses, there were many thorns along the way.

The thorn of infertility is perhaps the most hurtful one. As I write this, I wonder why does this still trigger me now? Maybe I suppress or ignore this thorn day-to-day and as I sit down to stop and reflect on our first decade together, this deep hurt comes to the surface. 

The thorn of quickly realizing that marriage is not the idyllic life I remembered seeing on TV shows growing up, such as “Leave it to Beaver” or “The Brady Bunch.”  Moving to a big city, living with a man for the first time and starting grad school all within the week after getting married was daunting to say the least. 

I once heard the saying, “Marriage is not meant to make us happy, but to make us holy.”  I mentioned that to a friend once and she said, “Well, that’s not very romantic.” No, it’s not. However, I think there is much truth to the statement. 

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