Block Street Crochet Market Bag Pattern

Block Street Crochet Market Bag Pattern

This crochet market bag pattern uses lemon peel or griddle stitch for a sturdy bag with lots of texture that’s really easy to stitch.

It’s the crochet companion to the East Ave. Market Bag, as both streets are borders for the local farmers market. (Technically Block Street is really Block Ave., too, but everyone local calls it Block Street.)

This is a great project for beginners and you might learn a few skills from it, including foundation single crochet and working in the round. Of course if you already know those skills it’s still a great project!


This is the bag holding a five-pound bag of flour. It stretches a bit but really holds up to weight!

For my market bag I used about 484 yards total of Red Heart Eco-Cotton Blend, a long discontinued worsted (aka medium, yarn weight 4) blend of cotton and recycled acrylic. The orange yarn is Candy Marl and I used about 354 yards of it, and 130 yards of the Mint colorway.

A good substitution would be Premier Yarns Premier Home, and you could get a similar but bolder look combining Citrus and Lime Green.

You don’t have to use two different colors, or a solid and a blend, if you don’t want, this was all about using yarn I already had on hand. You should totally do that, too, if you have worsted weight cotton on hand.

You’ll also need a size 7 US/4.5mm crochet hook and seven locking stitch markers.

Gauge and Size

My gauge is about 14 stitches and 20 rounds per 4 inches/10 cm in lemon peel stitch. Gauge is not critical but you do want your fabric to be pretty firm.

The bag is 14.5 inches/36.8 cm long and 15 inches/38 cm wide. You can really make yours any size you like.

Crochet Market Bag Pattern

I started the bag with a row of foundation single crochet. Start with a slip knot and chain 2. Go into the first chain you made, yarn over and pull up a loop. Yarn over and pull through the first loop (and mark this stitch if you want), then yarn over and pull through both loops.

Next, put your hook into that chain stitch (the yarn over pulled just through the first loop, which you may have marked) from the previous stitch. Yarn over, pull through a loop, then chain 1 (aka yarn over, pull up a loop) and then yarn over pull through both.

Repeat that last step until you have 50 stitches.

Chain 1.

Turn to work single crochets down the opposite side of the foundation chain stitches.

Work an additional stitch at the short end when you get there (my thumb is basically showing where it goes). Place a stitch marker to note the end of the round. Counting the chain as a stitch you will have 102 stitches.

Work one stitch in single crochet, one in double crochet, in continuous rounds for 8 inches/20cm.

Change to second color if desired and work as established for 2.5 inches/6.35 cm.

Change back to first color and work for 2.5 inches/6.35 cm.

Using locking stitch markers, mark the center stitch on each long side of the bag, then mark the stitches that are 10 stitches to either side of the center.

With your second color work in pattern to the first marker.

Chain 20, then join the chain to the last marked stitch with a slip stitch. Work to the next marked stitch and repeat, then finish the round as established.

Continue to work in pattern, keeping the pattern up on the chain stitches and making sure the pattern aligns correctly when you’re done working into the chains. Work two more rounds after this one (so four rounds total in the second color yarn) and fasten off the last stitch.

Weave in ends.

And that’s it! I hope you love this market bag crochet pattern as much as I do! I’d love to see your versions.

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